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Keeping Your Workplaces Safer from Coronavirus

CONVID 19 - Social Distancing

While coronavirus has reshaped our daily habits and business practices, restrictions are beginning to simmer down in light of the lowering rate of cases, as well as proactive efforts on the government’s behalf in a bid to “flatten the curve.”

With a sense of hope arising from the latest updates regarding regulations, your business would benefit immensely from creating an action plan to not only help ease staff back into the workplace but also ensure that they’re safe and comfortable to be back at work.

Here’s what you can do to create and carry out your businesses action plan. 

Create the right team 

In order to create and carry out your action plan for a safer workplace, be sure to create a team who will not only be designated to form new regulations according to the needs of each department but also who will be able to ensure that they’re complied with accordingly. 

A great start would be creating a team lead for each unique space and job, and empowering them to manage their teams effectively and safely. With this in mind, HR and IT specialists will be able to provide valuable insights on how your business can run practically with the right technology and resources undergirding your efforts.

Assess the risks 

The main objective of having an action plan is to ensure that staff are safe and do not become sick as a result of the coronavirus. Hence, it’s important to create a risk assessment for the welfare of employees and ensure that all of them can be eliminated and controlled.  

Furthermore, health and safety risks will always require documented assessment if the business has a high threshold of employees, which likely will be the case for most businesses seeking to begin or recommence operation at this time. 

You would benefit from ensuring your risk assessment covers factors such as:

  • Required distancing in the shared office space 
  • Personal hygiene regulations
  • Processes to follow in the event of sickness in the office 
  • Flexibility for working at home
  • Travel arrangements, etc

Follow government regulations where applicable

Government regulations can be helpful in ascertaining what work can be done in order to keep your particular workplace safe. Be sure to stay up to date with official daily reports as well as pursue applicable legislation that can shed light on areas where you can improve your efforts. Not only will this help secure your business legally but it will also provide peace of mind to your staff who are willing to work with you to keep your business running despite the times.  

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