Pallet shelving racks might look like simple structures but a lot more goes into the development, installation, and design of these heavy-duty metal frames than meets the eye. 

These racks are invaluable storage solutions for large manufacturing and distribution businesses because they allow businesses to store a lot more in a smaller area and they ease handling in these types of industries. 

If you are busy setting up a new warehouse and want to get some pallet racks for your company then there are a couple of important things you should keep in mind before you install them. 

There Are Different Types To Choose From

There are quite a few different types of pallet-racking solutions that you can consider. These racks vary so much because warehouses or businesses come in all shapes and sizes and the shelving needs of companies vary since each one will need a design that can accommodate the building while enhancing productivity and efficiency. Here is a quick look at some of the most common pallet-racking systems.

Selective Pallet Racking Systems

These are the most common types. They usually have an upright frame design and are made from steel. The racks also support horizontal beams where pallets can be stored. Selective pallet racking systems usually have adjustable shelves and can be configured in different ways so companies can maximize storage. 

Drive-In Pallet Racking Systems

Drive-in or drive-thru racking systems can be a little bit more complex to use because they are designed for last in-first out inventory management systems. These high-density storage solutions usually only have a single access aisle but allow you to stack up lots of pallets from this one access point. These racks can be very functional for maximizing floor space but they do involve a bit more inventory planning in order to maintain mobility. 

Narrow Aisle Pallet Racking

These types of pallet racks have narrow aisles between them. This makes it easy for you to access every pallet and is ideal for a first-in, first-out inventory management system such as with perishable goods. The racking system is great for maximizing space while maintaining mobility.

Double Deep Pallet Racking 

These types of racking systems are two racks deep and are mostly suitable for trucks or forklifts that can reach double pallet depths. These types of racking systems are highly efficient and spacious and are a good solution for those who urgently need a lot of storage space on a tight budget. 

The Load Capacity Varies

Because pallet racking vary in terms of materials and design, the laid capacity for racks will also differ. If you have particularly heavy pallet loads as in the case with concrete bags then it might be best to invest in industrial-strength racks. If your goods are a bit lighter as in the case of homeware or furniture then standard steel racks can be sufficient.

It Is Best To Source From Professionals

Pallet racks can be made from different metal types like steel or aluminum. Because the racks can be made from so many material types, it is very important to source from reputable sources. For racks that last and that can hold up well with heavy loads it is best to use businesses that make racks from high-quality structural steel with galvanized or powder coatings so these racks can hold up for longer. 

If you want to find out more about pallet racking or if you want to order the highest quality shelving solutions for your pallet warehouse then you should give Erect A Rack a call. These professionals can assist with everything from warehouse design to rack installation and they will help you select the right racking solution so your company can flourish. 

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