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While many may feel alarmed concerning the current situation that many Australian businesses are facing in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, some industries and businesses have been able to manage unexpected changes better than others. In particular, we cover how warehouses and businesses who offer storage solutions should fare better than most and reasons why we believe this may be the case. 

The Enforcement of Social Distancing 

Social distancing has become the key factor contributing to businesses not being able to run as usual. Places offering massage therapy and hair salons require close proximity to clients, leaving them in a predicament regarding social distancing laws. However companies that don’t require close face to face contact can generally operate as per usual or have been able to change their method of communication to accommodate social distancing. Some of these changes can be seen in companies now resorting to online conference calls or even workplaces ensuring a 1.5m gap between staff. 

Such a distance can easily be maintained in warehouse or factory settings, ensuring that businesses dealing with supply chains or logistics that still need staff to run their usual operations can work from a safe distance from one another. 

The Rise of Online Consumption

With the escalated measures finally leading to individuals self isolating in homes in a bid to flatten the curve, more and more individuals have been looking to the internet to fulfil their everyday needs, from shopping for groceries to enjoying online entertainment. Online purchases have since skyrocketed since global lockdowns began increasing the demand for more items to make their way through international postal systems and also into the locations that store them. 

This has resulted in bottlenecks affecting transport of items with mail needing to be stored for the short time in secure and reliable facilities, but like warehouses. 

With the large volume of items passing in and out, warehouses have been able to facilitate the safe storage of goods in transit till processing continues.

Not only has the need for warehouse storage solutions in Melbourne increased since the beginning of quarantine measures, but the need is anticipated to rise, ensuring that more work will be required in the area of logistics and storage for a while yet. 

The COVID-19 report undertaken by Prologis stated that, “Given its value proposition, especially in the hardest-hit markets, e-commerce may rise in even greater importance in the basic functioning of everyday life.” 

How You Can Stay Afloat During the Current Climate

This begs the question on whether your particular business can stay afloat during this time in a  bid to adapt to the changing needs of the globe. If you have a large storage facility that can be utilised for the storage of goods for short or long term use, you can provide much needed help to companies facing supply chain issues in the way of storage. Erect a Rack can fit out your space with the appropriate systems to prepare your warehouse and ensure it’s up to industry safety standards. 

Get in touch with the team today for warehouse mezzanine floor, pallet racking installation in Melbourne and we’ll make your space a logistics haven in the face of coronavirus. 

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