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Pallet racks are a storage solution that provide for a range of benefits. Firstly, they can help you to maximise storage capacity throughout a warehouse or factory. Secondly, they can improve operational safety through smart designs. And thirdly, they can provide for improved accessibility that will help you to get more done in a shorter period of time. But just how much weight can you put on a pallet rack? Check out this blog from the team at Erect-A-Rack to find out. 

Warehouse racking weight limits

It’s important to understand that pallet racking comes in a range of different load capacities. The type and quality of the materials used will also determine how much a rack can actually hold. The good news for customers is that when it comes to weight limits, the manufacturer will always provide you with the required information. As a guide, Australian Standard pallets can carry 500kg – 1,800kg. You will need to follow the warehouse racking weight limits carefully to ensure that your site is safe. Doing so will also help to prevent overloading.

What is overloading? 

Overloading refers to the idea of placing too much weight on the industrial pallet racks structure. Doing so can strain the load bearing arms and supports, compromising safety and leading to potential damage. Overloading can put your staff and workers at risk, along with stock, equipment and machines that may be nearby. 

Factors to consider

When it comes to calculating the total amount of weight a pallet rack can support, it’s worth thinking about the nature of your operation. For instance, consider what it is that you will actually be storing and how much has to be accounted for. If your business sells particularly heavy products, then you will need a structure that has a high weight capacity. On the other hand, if your wares are small and light, then you may not need something quite as strong. The type of pallet racking that you opt for also comes into play here, and there are many options. You could choose drive-in pallet racking, narrow aisle pallet racking system, double deep pallet racking and so forth. The above factors can make choosing the right storage solution a little difficult, so we always recommend talking with an expert team to get the best advice. 

The storage solution experts

We can help if you’re looking to improve the storage capacity of your warehouse or factory. Erect-A-Rack is a family owned and operated company that works with customers across Australia. We design and manufacture everything from pallet racks to safety barriers like cantilever pallet racking. Look to us with complete confidence and know that our products will make a world of difference to your operation. 

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