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Drive-in Pallet Racking

Drive-in Pallet Racking (DPR) systems are comprised of pallet racks that are stacked on cantilevered rails to form blocks. These blocks may be stacked up to 12m high with two opposing blocks serviced by a single access aisle. Pallets are stored in these blocks allowing for greater storage capacity by storing the pallets deep as well as high.

Utilising a DPR system requires the forklift entering the racking to retrieve pallets stored deeper within the system. Generally, DPR systems are Last In First Out (LIFO) but can be adapted to support First In First Out (FIFO) inventory management if necessary. DPR systems are best suited to for inventory management in batches of pallets and high volumes of inventory with few Stock Keeping Units (SKU).

LOADING  DPR                                                        UNLOADING  DPR

Last In First Out (LIFO)loading and unloading drive-in pallet racking (DPR) systems diagram

Benefits of Drive-in Pallet Racking Systems:

1.  Ideal for areas with very limited space; Coolers and freezers used for storage often have very limited space available. DPR systems can assist in maximising the available storage area.

2. High Storage Density; DPR has the ability to store up to 75% more stock in the same place. This allows for a large number of SKUs to be stored and readily available so you don’t have to wait for inventory to be ordered in as often.

3. Low ongoing costs; While the initial cost of implementing a Drive-in Pallet Racking (DPR) system may be highDPR systems have a low cost of storage and low cost of forklift trucks (Counterbalanced or Reach Type).


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