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Choosing the Right Pallet Racking

When you’re in the market for new or secondhand pallet racking it’s important that you invest in a racking system that will best suit your needs. To ensure you get the best pallet racking for your business there are many things you first need to consider.

  • What is the intended purpose of the pallet racking system?
  • How much weight will each level need to hold?
  • Do you have a floor plan that maximises the safety, use of available space and efficiency in your warehouse?
  • Will your pallet racking system have to conform to limitations set by existing equipment, i.e. forklift height?

pallet racking

What is the intended purpose?

Will your pallet racking system be used for storing goods with a high turnover rate? Pallet racking that is used to store goods with a high turnover rate can increase the risk of damage due to the higher rate of activity. A higher weight loading will make the racking more durable and counter the high use of loading and unloading the racking. Another measure to assist in maintaining your pallet racking system is Erect-A-Rack’s rack protection range. Column guards and end protectors can help add to a racking systems durability by reducing damage taken when accidents do happen.

How much weight can it hold?

The safe working load of your pallet racking system will vary depending on its configuration. Is it a single bay, or in a run? What type of pallet racking is used? How long will each bay be? Are you going to add on mesh decks or MDF board on each level? These will all impact the safe working load of a racking system. Always go with the options that will suit your needs. If the racking system can’t safely hold the weight you need it to, then it’s not the right pallet racking system for you.

Have you got a floor plan?

A floor plan for your pallet racking system is vital. The floor plan will assist you in determining how many pallets you can store and how much floor space will be used. An important thing to consider is whether the pallet racking system fit in the available area as well as how safe the pallet racking system will be in your warehouse. To assist our client’s with this, Erect-A-Rack offers warehouse layout design services. This allows us to create optimal storage space within your existing or new premises, designed specifically to suit your needs.

Are there any restrictions or limitations?

When designing a pallet racking system any limitations and/or restrictions must be considered. If your forklift can only reach 4m high, there isn’t much point in having 6m high pallet racking (unless you intend to replace or purchase a new forklift) as you won’t be able to utilise the higher levels. Alternatively, certain forklifts are best suited to particular pallet racking systems. Counterbalanced type forklifts are recommended for Drive-in Pallet Racking Systems (DPR) with medium aisles for low volumes; on the other hand a reach type forklifts is recommended for a DPR system with medium aisles for medium volumes.

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