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Top 5 Benefits of Selective Pallet Racking

Choosing the right pallet racking system that will suit your needs doesn’t have to be difficult. Selective Pallet Racking is the most commonly used pallet racking system today. So, obviously, there are many benefits to utilising a selective pallet racking system in your warehouse.

1. Assists to efficiently utilise your storage space

Even with the maximum height restriction of 12m, selective pallet racking systems can ensure you’re efficiently utlising all of your available storage space. By stacking pallets in rows multiple levels high you can maximise the number of pallets that can be stored within your warehouse or factory.

2. Versatile

Selective pallet racking systems can be customised to suit the needs of your factory or warehouse. This customisation allows for the pallet racking system to used with all types of pallets and handling systems.

3. First In, First Out

Inventory management is an important factor in deciding which type of racking system will best suit your needs. First In, First Out (FIFO) inventory management is beneficial for the storage of a large number of products or Stock Keeping Units (SKUs) with low stock quantities required to be on hand. This management system promotes moving older stock first, which can help to avoid being stuck with old SKUs that are no longer profitable and do not move as quickly as other SKUs.

4. Easy Access

Unlike other pallet racking systems, selective pallet racking ensures easy access to all pallets. With direct access to every pallet in storage and the ability to have multiple forklifts in one aisle it is very easy to move stock and keep up with the demands of your customers.

5. Materials, Installation & Forklifts

Selective pallet racking can be one of the lowest costing pallet racking systems on the market. Ideally keeping the maximum pallet spaces to 3000 or below; the materials and installation of this type of racking system can make this option a cost effective storage solution.

As This type of racking system can accommodate all types of handling systems, the costs involved for a handling system are minimal. With no need for a special forklift; you can have your selective pallet racking system made to suit your existing forklifts requirements.

selective pallet racking

Be selective and get the selective pallet racking system for your pallets.

Storage is always a concern, whether its goods or commodities. Having the right place for the right thing is difficult. Some of your products may be uneven, distorted and out of shape.

Some, too bulky, heavy while some other may be like a roll or round or delicate.

This fusion of goods to be stored racks your nerves and wonder what is the best system to store your goods. Let’s take a stroll at racking systems. The selective racking is a new pallet racking system that accommodates all your loads easily. If you are looking for a competitive system now that can store any product for you, the selective pallet racking is to be paid attention to.

Pallet racking installation is easily done by the erect-a-rack’s team keeping you and your storage concerns hassle-free and long-term. Capable enough to store upto 3000 pallets, possessing high throughput rates, fifo inventory management, 12m storage height selective pallet racking system satisfies all your expectations. Check out the pallet racking sale in Melbourne and get the best buy for you . At times if in future you may not need the racking, you can return it to Erect-a-rack, as the quality is long-lasting and durable, you can avail the benefits of it too.

  1. My brother works in a warehouse and was talking to me about pallet rack installation. I think its so cool that you can customize a pallet rack to fit specific needs. I love that there are people out there figuring ways out to make life easier, even down to pallet rack installation and customization!

  2. I agree that selective pallet racking system is more economical and could fulfill the requirements. The main objective of warehouse construction is the better utilization of the available place. Properly designed warehouse could ensure better workflow. Apart from this, suitable steps needs to be taken to ensure smoother and secure movement of different products throughout the warehouse. The condition of materials used in the warehouse needs to be inspected properly and if necessary should be replaced with suitable substitutes.

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