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Benefits of Raised Storage Areas

Benefits of Raised Storage Areas

Storage space is one of the biggest issues for warehouses. As companies grow, warehouses find it challenging to accommodate this growth. Relocation is often a prime consideration. But this isn’t always a viable option. Relocating is often an expensive, inconvenient and a time consuming endeavour. Enter raised storage areas. 

More space

Raised storage areas offer the perfect solution for addressing storage space issues by utilising unused warehouse space. With enough airspace available, multiple levels of storage can offer further storage capacity.

Cost reduction

Limited capacity storage in warehouses affect business growth decisions of companies. If your warehouse is unable to accommodate growing capacity needs, companies may need to limit their expansion. This can prove to be costly in the long run. Raised storage areas helps your organisation keep pace with bigger warehouse needs by maintaining the same real estate.

Putting unused airspace into use eliminates the cost of setting up a new space with bigger capacity, making warehouse raised storage areas a cost effective solution. 

Better productivity

It’s not just about costs and space, but raised storage areas help improve productivity as well. This can be achieved by designing warehouse raised storage areas that enable convenient access and handpicking. This optimises the workflow of employees. Thus, improving productivity.

Pallet racking manufacturers usually account for this factor when building these raised storage areas. At Erect A Rack, these would be equipped with features like incline conveyors and steel gates that allow forklift loading to upper levels. 

Customisation options

Raised storage areas aren’t a “one size fits all” situation. Each solution is customisable based on each warehouse specification needs. In other words, you won’t have to worry about going for a standard option that doesn’t address your exact requirements.

No relocation challenges

Warehouse relocation is an expensive and time consuming endeavour. In addition to the cost of acquiring a new warehouse location there’s a lot that goes into relocating your warehouse. This includes planning a new storage space, getting permits, and moving everything from your existing location, among a few others. 

Raised storage will help businesses avoid these issues by eliminating the need to relocate entirely. This would also mean your business would be able to serve the local customers and expand your presence at the same time.

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