Pallet Racking Installation Service

If you’ve been looking to generate more storage space in your warehouse, you’ve no doubt had a good hard look at steel pallet racking. At Erect-A-Rack, we’re all about providing the storage solutions that will make things go smoothly. Whether you’re looking to get a new space kitted out, or you’re looking for a provider to help you expand your existing storage solutions, you’ve come to the right place.

Who Are We?

Erect-A-Rack is a family owned and operated business geared around providing racking and storage solutions to businesses throughout Melbourne. We’ve got over 75 years of combined experience in designing and implementing storage solutions that take local businesses further.

We’re committed to quality, which means that we take the details seriously. When it comes to steel pallet racking, one of the more important sets of details are those you’ll find in the Australian Standards 4084-2012.

What is AS 4084-2012?

AS 4084-2012 is one specific example of what are referred to as Australian Standards. So specific, in fact, that it is a document that sets out just about everything that relates to the quality, safety and reliability of steel pallet racking. Not drive-in racking, not cantilever racking, but steel pallet racking and only steel pallet racking.

Australian Standards are the work of the Council of Standards Australia. An organisation that develops specifications for everything from goods and services, to processes and social and environmental impacts.

How much do I have to know?

We’re always advocates for awareness. You should always know what is going on with your business. But as we said, these documents are very detailed and not every warehousing and logistics manager has time to ensure that they are compliant on their own.

In fact, you’re not even supposed to be inspecting your pallet racking all on your own in the first place. AS 4084-2012 features in legislation relating to workplace health and safety, and part of that legislation details mandatory inspections at intervals of no longer than 12 months. Luckily, Erect-A-Rack have got you covered.

Stay safe, solid and AS 4084-2012 compliant with Erect-A-Rack

At Erect-A-Rack, we’re all about helping Melbourne based businesses develop greater storage space, drive efficiency, and take their businesses further. Part of our offering is that we provide pallet racking inspections that help you make sure that your pallet racking solutions are up to the standard set out in AS 4084-2012.

We take pride in helping Melbourne businesses ensure that safety and reliability of their storage solutions. During our inspections, we look for impact related damage, missing or dislodged components, warping and misalignment and any markers of corrosion or degradation.

Our inspections are an easy, cost-effective and minimally disruptive way of ensuring that you’re upholding your AS 4084-2012 compliance, keeping your materials and equipment steady, and ensuring the safety of your workers.

Arrange an inspection with Erect-A-Rack today!

Get in contact with us at Erect-A-Rack today to arrange an inspection for your steel pallet racking solutions. We’re the clear choice for fast, easy and hassle-free inspections of your storage solutions.