In Australia’s logistics industry, 3PLs are important for moving goods from makers to buyers. They help keep things running smoothly in the industry.

Among the various challenges faced by these providers, safeguarding products during storage is paramount. To address this concern, it is important to use racking systems that meet Australian Standards AS4084. This ensures customer satisfaction and shows a commitment to product safety.

The Importance of AS 4084 Compliance

Australian Standards AS 4084 outlines the specifications and requirements for steel storage racking systems. Safe and efficient racking systems help store goods properly, reducing accidents, damage, and operational issues. By following these rules, 3PLs show they care about their clients’ products’ safety and follow the best practices in the industry.

Key Benefits of AS4084 Compliant Racking Systems

  1. Structural Integrity: AS 4084 compliance ensures that racks are strong enough to hold heavy items without breaking or bending. This reduces the likelihood of collapses or structural failures, providing a secure environment for products.
  2. Racking systems are designed to hold a certain amount of weight to keep palletised goods safe. This ensures that the storage infrastructure can support the load without any safety issues. This is crucial for the storage of heavy or bulky items.
  3. AS 4084 sets height-to-depth ratios for racks to prevent instability and improve storage stability. This helps in maximizing storage space while maintaining safety standards.
  4. Regular checks are needed for AS 4084 compliant racking systems. Maintenance and monitoring are ongoing tasks, not just one-time efforts. Regular inspections every 12 months are important to find problems, wear, or damage that could harm the racking system’s strength.

12-Month Pallet Racking Inspections are crucial – what should be inspected?

There are three types of inspections that should be performed every 12 months:

  1. Check the vertical posts and horizontal beams for damage, bending, or rust. This will keep the racking system strong and safe.
  2. Check the weight on each pallet rack to avoid overloading. This helps prevent collapse and keeps stored items safe.
  3. Connectors and Fixings: Examining connectors and fixings for tightness and integrity helps prevent unexpected failures, securing the stability of the entire racking structure.

Client confidence is good business 

In Australia’s third-party logistics industry, giving customers peace of mind sets you apart from competitors. By using AS 4084 compliant racks and doing yearly inspections, 3PLs meet standards and show dedication to safety and quality.

Investing in infrastructure and keeping it well-maintained is important. It creates a safe storage space for goods. This gives clients confidence in the logistics chain. It also helps keep the flow of goods moving smoothly.

If you are a 3PL and are looking to offer your client the safest and peace of mind, contact Erect A Rack for an Inspection or system advice to make you stand out from the crowd.