When it comes to running a warehouse, safety will be the main issue on everyone’s mind. From the upper management to the staff on the floor, all should place great emphasis on the importance of safe warehouse practices and guidelines to ensure that everyone goes home in the best possible health. 

At Erect-A-Rack, we think there are 6 key principles that can help warehouses and frontline workers create a body of safety procedures in order to achieve this.

Use safety equipment 

In situations where hydraulic equipment or forklifts are used, ensure that safety equipment becomes the first port of call amongst your staff. It’s also important to create an environment where using safety equipment becomes the norm, i.e. enforce the use of helmets, gloves and goggles.

Clearly label hazard zones

Hazard zones should always be easily identifiable to your staff as a means of strongly alerting them to stay particularly vigilant. Make sure that these locations are clearly labeled with the appropriate signage and/or tape to indicate to anyone entering the space to be careful.

Provide safety courses and refresher courses

A proven way to ensure that all staff are fully prepared and equipped to practice safety measures is by training them on how to work safer as well as how to behave in the event of an emergency. Not only will this be an opportunity to emphasise the importance of safety but they’ll also be fully prepared to avoid dangerous outcomes as well as handle them swiftly should they arise.

Ensure staff are using safe lifting methods

Proper lifting techniques are crucial to master as poor lifting will often be the first instance of unsafe practices in any warehouse setting. Be sure to identify the best techniques for safer lifting and sharing these methods with staff prior to their work tenure. 

Eliminate potential safety hazards

It’s important to also play your role in ensuring that your warehouse is free from any potential safety hazards. Regular checks are crucial to make sure leaks, stray cords or other safety hazards aren’t present throughout the day. It’s also essential to encourage all employees to play their part to be alert and recognise any potential safety risks. 

Promote awareness in your warehouse

To ensure that these new safety rules are being adhered to by warehouse workers, awareness is key. Be sure to communicate the importance of following safety practices with all parties concerned in order to make it the norm in your warehouse storage solutions in Melbourne

When it comes to safety, we know that the best practices run alongside using the best equipment. Our racks are built for safety and longevity, giving you a great return on investment as well as instill confidence in your employees that their welfare is amongst your highest safety priorities. 

Talk to the team at Erect-a-Rack today for a structural racking solution tailored to you and pallet racking installation in Melbourne and your safety needs.

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