Warehouse Storage Racks

While the warehousing and logistics industry isn’t set to see the same pressures as the healthcare, hospitality and tourism industries right now, the coming months are going to see some knock-on effects that will prove challenging.

Take a look here for five ways you can help your business handle the next few months and come out of it stronger than ever.

1 – Review your Storage Solutions and Optimise

The layout of your warehouse may have worked well enough, but now is a better time than ever to review how your space is set up. A careful look will likely show up plenty of space to store pallet racking installation in Melbourne or any products and materials that have been halted in transit. Consolidate your existing solutions and consider alternative material handling equipment to help maximise your floor utilisation. 

2 – Lease your Existing Space

If you’ve found that you have plenty of space in your warehouse that needs filling, you should consider leasing that space to another company. There will be a host of businesses looking for somewhere to store their equipment, furnishings and materials over the next couple of months, and you may be the one fit to accommodate that need.

3 – Trade in Unused Equipment and Racking

If you’ve found that you have equipment that isn’t serving a purpose for your business right now, you can trade it in with a second-hand dealer. This process will free up space in your operation, and potentially inject cash back into your business.

4 – Cross Train and Encourage Flexibility

If you have staff that specialise in a particular area of the business, cross training can help mitigate the cost of downtime between tasks. This one will help you manage your labour costs and generate greater efficiency in your day to day. Provide training opportunities where you can, and encourage your staff to find new ways to help boost productivity.

5 – Iron out your Compliance

Now is the time to iron out any bugs that might cause problems down the track. If you haven’t had your pallet racking system checked recently, you will want to have that squared away to avoid any slowdowns and headaches in the coming months. Every day is going to count between now and the time we get back to business as usual.

Get in Touch with Erect-A-Rack

With businesses of all kinds scrambling to generate fresh income and stretch what resources they have further, there isn’t any time to waste. Erect-A-Rack are the pallet racking and warehouse storage solutions Melbourne specialists that are here to help. Reach out today by filling out a contact form or give us a call at 1300 788 916 to see what we can do for you. From enhanced storage solutions, to consulting and compliance checks, we can help you get your business in order.

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