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Benefits of Second Hand Pallet Racking

Second hand pallet racking can be a great option for your factory or warehouse. Whether you’re looking at installing an entirely new storage system, or are wanting to add on to your existing one, second hand racking can benefit your business. Not only can second hand pallet racking be a cheaper option than purchasing brand new, all second hand racking supplied by Erect-A-Rack is assessed and (if needed) repaired to ensure it is compliant with Australian Standards.

Used pallet racking can come in varying degrees of quality and suitability. Second hand materials will sometimes look brand new, but usually there are visible signs of use. Just like new pallet racking, second hand materials must also be load rated. That is a safe working load must be made specifically for, and displayed on the racking at at all times. A Safe Working Load (SWL) sign will display the maximum Uniform Distributed Load (UDL) that the racking (regardless of being new or second hand) can hold per level and overall, per bay.


Benefits of Second Hand Pallet Racking:

Range of Available Racking:

Second hand pallet racking is available in a wide variety of brands and sizes including; APC, BrownBuilt, Colby, Dexion, SafetyLock, and much more. Second hand racking is usually readily available, however like all products, stocks can run low from time to time.


No matter what your requirements second hand pallet racking can cater to your storage needs. Second hand materials can be utlised as additional components to a racking system, for repairs to be carried out, expanding your current storage solutions, and even creating a new pallet storage solution.


All pallet racking that is in use or to be used, regardless of its condition (new or second hand), must meet the Australian Standards AS4084-2012 for Steel Storage Racking Systems. Meaning that any second hand materials purchased must meet the minimum requirements set out by these standards and safety procedures.  This helps to ensure that you are getting quality second hand pallet racking that is sturdy and reliable.

Cost Effective:

Purchasing pallet racking brand new can be expensive. This can make it a difficult decision when trying to decide what pallet racking solution to go with, when a strict budget is pulling all the strings. Stop your budget from being the deciding factor and get the right pallet racking system to suit your business by opting for second hand racking. Second hand pallet racking from Erect-A-Rack is a cheaper alternative to new racking that won’t compromise the stability of your existing racking by being unreliable or failing to meet the safety standards.


Get the racking you need without blowing your budget and go for second hand pallet racking.


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