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At Erect-A-Rack, we create industrial racking solutions to keep your stock organised and easily accessible. As a Melbourne supplier, we not only specialise in creating these storage systems for local businesses but deliver across Australia so everyone can experience the benefits of functional workspaces.

When contacting us, you will meet with a highly skilled sales and installation team who completes every job to the highest standard. We know that our transparent approach and open communication are the keys to our success in bringing you the best industrial shelving and mezzanine floor solutions.

Working closely with your business allows us to ensure you receive the best configuration for packing and unpacking your stock by providing:

Durable shelves

High-quality products

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The Erect-A-Rack team prides itself on offering first-grade equipment and friendly, helpful services to ensure you find the best solutions for your unique requirements. We specialise in the following areas:


Melbourne is home to a thriving business community with numerous companies seeking opportunities to improve their operations, customer base, and revenue. On the other hand, they want to minimise overhead expenditures. So, why not get some long-span rack shelving built to last? Warehouse shelves are an excellent investment if you struggle with organisation or simply need more room for storage.

A well-designed shelving system for storage may help you make the most of your available space, create order out of chaos, and provide quick and easy access to your belongings whenever you need them. In addition, a designed shelving system can also be helpful for the industrial sector. Our long-span shelving solutions offer ample storage space, are popular in homes, and are widely employed in businesses and industrial sectors.

What our clients say about us

At Erect-A-Rack, we’ve helped businesses all across Melbourne and beyond find the industrial shelving solutions that have helped them develop into the organisations that they are today.

If you’re looking for a way to increase your storage, free up floor space, or further ensure the safety of your employees, look to Erect-A-Rack.

Benefits of Storage Racking

Efficient Use

Warehouse storage solutions allow you to use vertical space, which is always more valuable than horizontal. If your facility has enough headroom, you can put pallets and items in the empty area above the racking systems.

Bulk Storage

If you’re in the market for a heavy-duty system with high storage density and selectivity, give push-back racking some serious thought. Nestled carts slide on inclined tracks supported by a stationary rack framework with upright frames and horizontal beams.

Faster Fulfilment

Distribution centres are crucial to the success of the order fulfilment procedure. Productivity gains throughout the building are required to increase order fulfilment efficiency. Single pallets can be accessed in FIFO racks without moving the rest of the inventory.

Reduces Damage

Keeping your workers happy, demands you keep all products and stock in a secure location. Wrapped goods on pallets secured on beams and wire decking are less likely to fall and cause harm in a high-traffic area. High-quality racking systems allow workers to store products securely.

Long-Term Investment

Whether made of roll-formed or structural steel, rackings are meant to last decades if cared for properly. Storage racking provides a great return on investment because it may be used for a long time without replacement.

Tailored Warehouse Storage, Heavy-Duty Structures & Mezzanine Flooring

As a renowned family-owned company, we have everything you’ll ever need for warehouse storage, mezzanine flooring and heavy-duty structures for workplace efficiencies. With long-standing experience in the industry, our team understands how best to configure spaces for ease-of-use and accessibility.

We are committed to using top quality structures – we know Australian businesses only deserve the best, durable shelves, so we strive to deliver on this value each and every time. Whether you’re looking to make the most of warehouse with a mezzanine floor or a pallet racking system is more in line with your needs, both are highly functional choices for organising stock.

Professional Solutions for Organising Stock

With a team of professional project providers, Erect-A-Rack is Melbourne’s leading supplier of professional shelving systems and can redesign complex areas to use the space most effectively.

We are customer-focused and ensure you get the very best assistance in deciding what heavy-duty industrial shelves best suit your needs. You will find our complete range at our storage warehouse in Melbourne, readily available for pickup or delivery.

Whether you stop by our showroom to assist you with your decision-making or want to know more about our rack shelving, workbenches and storage options, we welcome your questions at any time. Alternatively, check out our blog, where you can find all you need to know about our items and safety tips.

Get Storage Solutions at Erectarack

Our heavy-duty storage solutions are second to none. Warehouse racking can be used to store anything from raw materials and finished goods to large pieces of equipment. We back all our products with a guarantee to ensure you have faith in our ‘heavy duty’ shelving racking. 

Erectarack carries only the highest quality heavy-duty warehouse storage solutions in  Melbourne for customers. Don’t waste your money on knockoffs; buy from us and rest easy knowing our products are made from premium, high-density steel. Try us out and see whether our claims hold water. Please contact us to learn more about our shelving racks and storage racking in Melbourne.

Why is racking important in a warehouse?

Industrial storage systems/ warehouse racking systems are widely used in warehouses, distribution centres, and by manufacturers. Suppose you’re thinking about remodelling or renovating your warehouse; in that case, you can choose from various warehouse racking systems, including structural steel selective pallet rack systems, pallet flow solutions, and drive-in units.

The correct pallet racking system can help you optimise your warehouse operations and increase production. It can also be integrated with warehouse management software. It provides you with vital data points and key performance indicators to assist you in implementing cost-cutting initiatives and improving order fulfilment to save time and money.

Types of industrial storage shelves

Selective Pallet Rack

The market’s most common and versatile industrial storage solution is a selective pallet rack, and it optimises space and offers fast access to any cargo stored with any forklift. This rack is made of debris-resistant, easy-to-clean structural steel.

Push-Back Rack

Pallets are stored on carts that glide forwards when the pallet in front is removed. It’s comparable to how chilled beverages are organised at the supermarket, and Pallets are fed and recovered from the same aisle, reducing picking times.

Pallet Flow Rack

Also known as gravity flow racks, these racks use slanted racks with a FIFO loading method. Pallets are added to the upper end and removed from the bottom end. Compared to drive-in or standard pallet rack systems, pallet flow storage can double or triple capacity.

Cantilever Rack

Cantilever Racks are great for keeping bulky items like carpet rolls, tyres, and long articles like pipes. These industrial storage shelves have longer space as there are no uprights in the aisles to get in the way. Adjustable Pin Locks are strong, safe, and easy to change in height.

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Buy Warehouse Racking in Melbourne at Erectarack

Erectarack has various choices for warehouse racking systems: No matter how large, oddly shaped, or numerous your materials are, our heavy-duty shelving racks can accommodate them. Our shelving units are the best option for all your storage needs.

Quality products:

We use the highest quality materials for making warehouse shelving systems.

Effective construction:

Our warehouse storage solutions are built using a simple yet very effective construction process and can be adjusted to fit any area.


Our simple-to-assemble shelving systems are perfect for sturdy, freestanding storage.

Helpful staff:

Contact our sales staff for further information and guidance if you need help settling a purchase of warehouse racking.

Are Racking Systems Apt for Industrial Storage?

Our Industrial racking in Melbourne is highly suitable for industrial storage for the following reasons:

Efficient space utilisation:

Industrial pallet racks maximise vertical space, making the most of the available storage areas and minimising floor space requirements.

Versatility and customisation:

Racking systems offer various configurations and options to accommodate different types of goods and materials, allowing for customisation based on specific industrial storage solutions.

Easy access and inventory management:

Racking systems provide easy access to stored items, enabling quick retrieval and efficient inventory management. Clear visibility and organisation make it easier to locate and track inventory.

Enhanced safety and durability:

Our industrial shelving in Melbourne is designed to handle heavy loads and ensure stability and durability. They are built with robust materials like steel to ensure the safety of both stored goods and workers.

Scalability and adaptability:

As needed, industrial storage racks can be easily expanded to increase storage capacity. Additional racks or components can be added to the existing system, providing flexibility and adaptability to changing storage requirements.

Improved workflow and productivity:

Well-organised and accessible storage offered by racking systems streamlines operations, reducing handling time and enabling faster order fulfilment. This, in turn, enhances overall productivity levels in industrial settings.