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Raised Storage Areas

A Raised Storage Area gives you room for your business to grow. Erect-A-Rack provides cost‐effective raised storage area solutions, simple in their design and with practical advice and industry understanding.

In addition, Erect‐A‐Rack supplies products to use with your raised storage floors such as pallet access gates and staircases to provide easy access.

Our raised storage areas are made from bolted steel construction, enabling easy extension, reengineering or relocation in addition to providing significant cost savings. They can help to double storage space in existing buildings and can be equipped with mezzanine shelves and aisles to suit your storage needs.

Mezzanines are individually designed and constructed to suit your individual requirements. From light loads of 3kps for offices to heavy loads of 10kpa for pallet storage, Erect‐A‐Rack has the solution for you.

Raised storage benefits

  • Erect-A-Rack raised storage floors are available in multi-tier systems that can increase storage areas by up to 300% within the same rented floor area.
  • A raised storage floor can be one of your assets and not part of your rent. They are depreciable, yet they never wear out and last a lifetime. They can also be moved if need be.
  • They help to increase productivity by reducing travel distance and time by 40% and up to 75% with multi-tiered systems.
  • Erect-A-Rack strives to supply carefully engineered products and systems that are in compliance with applicable standards, practical, reliable and safe, offering benefits to our valued customers.


Whilst a raised storage floor is manufactured and constructed to your specific requirements, the structure is made of bolted steel construction — enabling easy extension, re-engineering or relocation with significant cost savings.

  • Erect-A-Rack staircases are designed to suit floor heights and required widths, whilst complying with regulations.
  • Tread boards are available in solid steel, grating or timber.
  • Steel gates are available for forklift loading of the upper level. Gate positions are carefully planned to ensure safety and easy access.
  • Incline conveyors are available for rapid feeding of goods to and from the upper level.
  • Erect-A-Rack raised storage floors are engineered to the highest structural standards using high grade steel with compliance to regulations.
  • All perimeter areas of a raised storage floor are fitted with safety rails.

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